Supporters of MWA

Muslim Women Australia works alongside many charities and service providers to distribute food and provide support to women and families. It is with our partners that we are able to continue to support women and families through difficult times and provide them with basic necessities to allow them to move on through hardships.

SecondBite is one of Australia’s largest food rescue organisations, distributing food which would otherwise end up in landfill to over 1,400 community programs and non-profit organisations. SecondBite has generously donated food on a weekly basis to support the large number of families MWA houses and supports. Without their support, MWA would not be able to feed the families in need or host community events which are open to the public.

Islamic Relief Australia is a humanitarian and development organisation dedicated to fighting poverty, alleviating the suffering of people globally and overcoming all kinds of injustice. Our shared vision with Islamic relief in seeking to improve the lives of those who are vulnerable is a main driver for this partnership.

The Greek Orthodox Church has provided MWA with trays filled with fresh bread, ranging from loaves of wholemeal and white bread to kaak and hot cross buns. This bread is packaged and sent to families who are struggling financially and do not have enough to eat. The bread is also placed outside of MWA Lakemba for the public to enjoy, ensuring help is given to far and wide and MWA can continue to support the community at large.

Penny Appeal is a charity organisation which provides emergency support, short-term relief and longer-term sustainable interventions. Their multi-focus approach aims to save lives, improve situations in the coming days and weeks, and transform communities for years to come. Our shared values with Penny Appeal are paramount to our successful partnership.

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