What we do


MWA has a strong track record in advocating on behalf of Muslim women around Australia. We advocate human rights and anti discrimination in an attempt to raise awareness and make a change in a society women live in today.

Policy Advice

MWA has successfully advised key stakeholders on important policy matters to do with social issues. We are happy to assist if you are looking at refining your organisational polices to be inclusive of people of all faiths and cultures.

Community Development

MWA offers programs for Muslim women, youth, seniors and mothers to nurture women’s health and well and well-being in a safe, supported environment.

Other Services

MWA also support women to access Legal Aid, Housing/Accommodation, Education & Training, Domestic Violence Support, Health Services, Police, Aged-Care, Employment, Childcare and Immigration Services.

Our Services

Here you will find information on the services we offer. For any enquiries please call our office on 02 9750 6916 or contact us online here. 

Settlement Support

Settlement Engagement and Transition Support is an early intervention program that provides a variety of support services to newly arrived migrants and refugees living in Australia. The Association assists with:


Information and Referral

Form filling

Interest groups/Support Groups

Educational programs (English lessons etc)

Information sessions covering Muslim women needs

Linking Hearts is a service of Muslim Women Australia that provides domestic violence and homelessness support to women and families from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds with safe and supported crisis and transitional accommodation.

Linking Hearts brings a range of expert service providers together to deliver holistic support options focusing on prevention and early intervention, safe and supported crisis and transitional accommodation, rapid rehousing and intensive support for clients with complex needs.