Introducing Saving FACE

Saving FACE is an initiative undertaken by Muslim Women Australia (MWA) to develop and deliver key prevention activities to encourage men in preventing violence against women and children.

0 %
of all women experience violence
by someone they know
0 %
of all murders relate to
domestic and family violence
0 +
women are hospitalised every day
due to domestic violence injuries

Understanding Family Domestic Violence

Family domestic violence (FDV), otherwise known as violence against women, refers to any act of gender-based violence that gives rise to physical, sexual or psychological harm to women – often characterised by violent or abusive behaviour by a partner as a means of arousing fear or a sense of being controlled.

Saving FACE
Sector Guide

On International Day of Peace, we launched a landmark resource for the domestic and family violence sector in Australia. This Sector Guide will build the sector’s capacity to engage in culturally, linguistically and religiously appropriate care.

Launch Webinar

MWA joined together with key partners and community members for a webinar launching the Saving FACE Sector Guide. Tune in for a discussion focused on making a difference and serving the community with purpose.

Social Media Infographics

Understanding Family and Domestic Violence Survey

The purpose of this survey is to obtain a clear understanding of the perception our community has towards this ongoing issue. We strongly encourage you to complete this survey and have ensured that your data will be kept safe and secure while maintaining your anonymity.