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The Uluru Statement of the Heart represents a powerful and heartfelt call for reconciliation, justice, and healing in this beautiful land, we call, Australia.  

As Muslims, we are taught to appreciate the profound value of the heart, not only as a physical organ but as a symbol of our innermost feelings, beliefs, and intentions. In the light of our faith, we find deep resonance with the idea of recognising the “currency of the heart” put forth in the Uluru Statement. 

The heart, in our Islamic tradition, is recognised and taught to be the seat of sincerity and the cradle of our spiritual connection with all of Allah’s creation. It is the place where our intentions are formed and where our connection with Allah is nurtured. In the Quran, Allah reminds us that “On that Day, neither wealth nor children will benefit, except for one who comes to Allah with a sound heart” (Quran 26:88-89). This verse emphasises the importance of the heart’s purity and the sincerity of our intentions, which are far more valuable than material wealth or worldly status and what may be our so-called accomplishments. 

The Uluru Statement calls for a deep acknowledgment of the historical injustices faced by First Nations people in Australia and a commitment to a more just and inclusive future. In doing so, it reminds us that the true currency of the heart lies in empathy, compassion, and the genuine desire for reconciliation. It challenges us to reflect on our own hearts and to strive for a society where justice and equality are the foundation upon which we build our collective now and in the future. 

As Muslims, we are encouraged to be agents of positive change and justice in the world. Our faith teaches us to stand up for those who are oppressed and to seek justice for all, regardless of their background. The Uluru Statement aligns with these principles, as it seeks to rectify the historical wrongs committed against the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and to forge a path toward unity, healing, and equity. 

Let’s remind one another as people who care about social harmony and inclusive diversified ways of living, our responsibility is to build bridges of peace amongst our diverse voices of those calling to attack and invade our minds by following their notion of the truths, which is more their own whims and desires to keep the imbalance of power and continue to blame and shame.  

Please take time out to check your heart before you go out checking the box. Let us recognise the currency of the heart as the driving force behind genuine reconciliation and justice.  

May Allah SWT guide us all towards a future where the hearts of all people are united in the pursuit of a fair and inclusive society. 

In solidarity and with prayers for justice and healing, 

Hajeh Maha Krayem Abdo OAM 
Chief Executive Officer 

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