Seeds of Resistance Survey

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Over the last four months Israel has intensified its genocidal war and mass violence against Palestinian people, families and communities.  Palestinian and Muslim people in Palestine and in other countries around the world, have been responding to and resisting Israel’s mass violence.  Palestinian and Muslim people have also been actively and creatively responding to and resisting increased anti-Palestinian racism, anti-Muslim racism, abuse, harassment, discrimination and other human rights violations.

Wherever there is an abuse of power, racism and violence, people, including children, always resist and respond. Even though we can’t always stop the violence and racism, it doesn’t mean that we just let it happen.

Sometimes resistance has to be covert and has to fly under the radar. Responding to racism can look like keeping your head down, being accommodating, deciding not to speak up and trying to make white/Western people feel comfortable. These are all skillful ways of attempting to increase your safety and the safety of your family and community members. Responding to mass violence against Palestinian people can also look like participating in the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions Movement (BDS) refusing to read mainstream media, organising and attending large pro-Palestinian protests.   

This survey focuses on all the ways you have creatively and strategically responded to and resisted racism, violence, abuse, genocide, misinformation, discrimination and oppression over the last four months. This survey also focuses on the ways you have worked hard to increase dignity and safety for yourself, your friends, your family and your communities in Palestine and in other countries around the world.

This survey is completely private and confidential. The data from this survey will only be accessible to those working on the research project. All the information you share on this survey form will be de-identified so that your responses cannot be associated with you.

Please allow approximately 25 minutes to complete the survey. You do need to respond to every question. Please only share and respond to what you are comfortable with.

If you have any comments do not hesitate to contact us MWA on 02 9750 6916 or or via

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