SAYIT in 2022

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With a focus on personal development, identity and empowerment, SAYIT explores the significance and impact of our surroundings and how young women can better understand themselves through an awareness of environment. SAYIT explores the mental, spiritual and emotional aspects of growing up as a young Muslim woman through workshops, guest speakers, interactive and fun activities, community projects and spiritual development initiatives for girls aged 7-17. 

Resuming SAYIT in 2022 post-COVID-19, unlocked an opportunity for MYAC (MWA Youth Advisory Committee) to get involved and kickstart their youth-led initiatives, after their establishment in 2021.  

Term 1 of SAYIT, ‘Inquisitive Creations’, was a time for participants to immerse themselves in creativity and fun-filled workshops made up of skilful culinary adventures and a range of exciting scientific experiments. Teamwork and collaboration were highly encouraged throughout the program, even more so after an extensive period of social isolation, as they engaged in activities like cake decorating, slime-making, and creating Ramadan cards, with the SAYIT girls enjoying valuable time together.  

Strong communities start with a strong mind, body and soul” was the inspiration for Term 2 of SAYIT, ‘Pick Up the Pace’. This term saw our young girls work on their physical and spiritual strength, nurturing their mind, body, and soul as they engaged in 3 guided sessions facilitated by qualified trainers. This comprised of skill development in boxing, Tabata, circuit activities, mindfulness techniques and exercises, coupled with understanding its linkage with our Islamic principles of being present, disciplined and reflective.  

‘SAYIT Seedlings’ Term 3 planted the foundation for greater environmental awareness and making an impact through creative and purposeful initiatives. This term enabled SAYIT girls to strengthen bonds with one another and their surroundings as they engaged in activities that required creativity and rediscovery of their imagination.  

The girls left each session with their hands full and smiles on their faces, taking home – the grass head characters to grow and look after, decorated cupcake gardens, their own edible gardens and bird feeders. These initiatives enabled great scope in continuing lessons learnt through SAYIT as participants were required to nurture and care for many of their creations from throughout the Term.  

Creativity was also explored as the girls collectively created a SAYIT Flower Wall, SAYIT Spoonville and Rock Art Community, symbolising the greater sisterhood and bonds established throughout the program.  

“[SAYIT] has brought me out of my comfort zone and taught me to interact with people I normally wouldn’t hang out with.” – SAYIT Senior Participant 

Term 4 SAYIT, ‘The Power of Words’ had varying means of exploration, though conclusively, it provided participants with a new lens on being in touch with their own self and their surroundings.  

The interpretation of the ‘The Power of Words’ was explored in 3 parts – the power of words you read, the power words you write and finally, the power of words you speak. The girls participated in a range of activities to demonstrate these understandings such as reading and engaging with short Islamic stories to identify key lessons and Islamic qualities, understanding the weight of their words with one another, and creating their own artworks relating to their interpretation of a random prompt.  

At the beginning of each session, the participants would reflect on the previous session and share with the group aspects they found interesting or new knowledge they gained. In session 2, a participant from the junior group had shared an insightful reflection, saying, “we should be careful with the words that we say because they can impact others”.  

As we wrapped up SAYIT for 2022, MYAC put in tremendous effort to make it a memorable, fun and light-hearted end of year session. The last session furthered the teachings of this term’s program as they strengthened bonds with one another, created new friendships and felt the true the essence of sisterhood.  

“There was a powerful meaning to [The Power of Words] and it was really fun and exciting” – SAYIT Senior Participant 

The combination of skills applied and encouraged throughout SAYIT 2022 has equipped our young girls with the foundations required to tackle challenges, prosper in their endeavours, and become guided, purposeful leaders as they enjoyed working towards a greater understanding of themselves, their families and their community. 

We look forward to another amazing year and continuing the wonderful opportunities of learning and connection that SAYIT provides.  

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