Little Iman: A Different Kind of Birthday

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Have you ever thought about doing something different for your birthday? 

On Friday, August 2nd 2019, the 1st of Dhul Hijjah, a special little girl celebrated her birthday in the most amazing way. Her parents, wanting to instil the importance of giving and supporting others, came into MWA to share their intentions of celebrating a momentous occasion with a purpose.

For little Iman’s first birthday, she and her parents came to MWA with a carload of gifts for a family that had to leave their home because of domestic violence. A single mother with three young children, with the support of MWA Linking Hearts, was working towards grounding her family and building a better life. It was this very moment that an amazing gesture from one family to another, and a couple of days before Eid al-Adha no less, made a world of difference. 

The day these two families met was indescribable. The sincerity, humbleness, kindness and love, filled the entire office. The blessings and generosity of that day will remain within each and every one of us present.

In not only teaching Iman the values of gratitude and generosity from such a young age but the impact and level of kindness they gifted the family would continue to bring light in difficult times.

Since then, Iman’s parents have continued their support alongside MWA and Linking Hearts, with Iman’s father Rehan joining the Linking Hearts Ambassador Program (Male ambassadors working together to positively impact the sphere of Domestic and Family Violence in Australia).

But it did not stop there! On Wednesday, August 26th 2020, little Iman turned 2 and once again, her family had decided to share this very special occasion with MWA! 

This year continued the new family tradition with another generous contribution. Her family started a fundraiser for MWA and Linking Hearts! This time, sharing the blessings of giving and supporting the community with open contributions. Raising $4500 with supporters far and wide, even reaching Singapore! 

Bringing together people from diverse backgrounds to support other families from all walks of life is something that will continue to be a guiding light for many. We want to thank each and every contribution and prayer to this very special cause. Helping those who need it most, instilling in future generations the importance of hope, generosity and faith. To be sincere and to always make change possible.

“A mans true wealth is the good he does in this world” Messenger of God PBUH

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