Hearts to Minds

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Hearts 2 Minds tutoring was launched by MWA in July 2022 during the third school term. Its purpose was to provide free tutoring assistance to school-aged students who could not access this further educational assistance due to financial hardship. MWA recognised the need to provide this important program to clients, which was subsequently offered on Monday nights during the school term. 

MWA had approximately 20 students attend the program on a weekly basis to seek assistance in their education and boost their confidence across all subjects. This service is another way MWA continues to support its clients in addition to the domestic violence and homelessness support provided to women and families from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. 

Students had the opportunity to work in small groups with a regular tutor to help them strengthen their academic literacy. Tutors assisted their students with their school homework, assessments, and exam preparation. Albeit this service was not limited to educational support; tutors worked with the students to improve their confidence in areas such as customising activity sheets to support students with English as a Second Language (ESL).  

MWA hosted the final session of the Hearts 2 Minds tutoring program for the year during the last week of the school term. MWA took the opportunity to celebrate the achievements and growth of the students in the Hearts 2 Minds tutoring program while students were able to play a range of physical and educational games facilitated by Hearts 2 Minds Volunteer Tutors as well as MWA staff.  

Students were also given the opportunity to work as a team to build a gratitude tree, reflecting on their experiences in the program and their intrapersonal growth throughout the year which was hung on MWA walls.   

MWA was fortunate to have fifteen volunteers that dedicated themselves to the program, including guiding the students through their schooling assessments and supporting them in their pursuit for knowledge.  

MWA is sincerely grateful and appreciative for our team of volunteers who provided their time and energy over the past six months and leaving a positive impact on the hearts of the Hearts 2 Minds students. With what was supposed to be a trial program for our Term 3 program, MWA had the honour of having the Hearts 2 Mind program continue for Term 4 and now again in 2023.  

MWA is looking forward to hosting the Hearts 2 Minds tutoring service to children in need in a sustainable and continuous way. 

Team of Volunteers   

  • Rabia Akram 
  • Fatima Abou Abdallah 
  • Batoul El Rifai 
  • Sarah Zreika 
  • Sidra Mujeeb 
  • Sarah Gebara 
  • Eman El Helw 
  • Bayyinah Mah 
  • Nourulhudha Seguharis 
  • Hiba Essa 
  • Awais Abdullah

If you are interested in volunteering for the Hearts 2 Mind tutoring program, please call or SMS on 0416 089 202 or email info@mwa.org.au   

Volunteer Testimonials 

I am very proud of my work as a volunteering tutor for MWA’s project “Hearts 2 Minds”. It not only provided me an opportunity to learn a lot from students, fellow volunteers, supervisors and overall from everyone at MWA but also to share and transfer the knowledge and skills. The experience and interaction with people from different socio-cultural and linguistic backgrounds is indeed remarkable as it completely changes your perspective towards life. Undoubtedly, it’s been one of the most valuable experiences in my life as it’s really a privilege to be able to help and have a positive impact in someone’s life. Every time I meet my students their smiles and the way they tell about their achievements during the week that is when you realize everything is worth it and beyond materialistic rewards. THANK YOU MWA for giving me the opportunity to volunteer for such a humbling and rewarding work.  

Rabia Akram 

Being part of the Hearts to Minds program was one of the best experiences of my life. Helping my wonderful students with their learning journey was indeed a privilege. The warm, nurturing & friendly environment at MWA inspired me to put my best foot forward as a teacher.  
Not only does Hearts to Minds meet children’s needs academically, it provides them with opportunities for social growth through extracurricular activities making it a true school experience. I’m so glad I got to be a part of this amazing experience with my students. 

Sidra Mujeeb 

I tutored primary aged children for two terms in 2022 at MWA. Apart from passing on my own knowledge to the students, I was on a learning journey of my own. I discovered different teaching and learning styles and practised teamwork. Overall, I had a great deal of fun seeing the old and new faces every Monday, whether they were kids or adults. Us tutors were extremely privileged to be led by the MWA team. These women are so organised, driven and dedicated to their community. They have a tangible passion for helping those who need it in the most practical yet compassionate way. 

Bayyinah Mah 

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