A summary of MWA’s actions during the 16 Days of Activism

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Joint Statements

We were fortunate to release joint statements coordination with some of the most important community organisations who are at the forefront of the response to domestic violence. You can read these much-needed statements below:

Click the above images to read the respective statement

Serving with a Purpose: Domestic and Family Violence, CALD Communities and COVID19

We were proud to help release a crucial new report – Serving with a Purpose: Domestic and Family Violence, CALD Communities and COVID19. Serving with a Purpose was the anchor that provided certainty in the uncertain for all of us at Muslim Women Australia.

It renewed our resolve to meet the challenges posed by COVID-19 with determination and sincerity; to document and mitigate the perverse and multifaceted impact the pandemic has had on the culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) women, children, families and communities we support and work with. This preliminary report demonstrates and discusses the impacts of COVID19 on CALD communities in NSW.

Cooking with Purpose

As part of our campaign, we launched a program in coordination with The Culinary School, aimed at providing women affected by domestic violence a practical outlet and form of therapy to support their recovery from trauma. Read more about Cooking with a Purpose below:

Health, Faith and Women Webinar

As part of the 16 Days of Activism, MWA in conjuction with Crunch Fitness held a webinar which explored the role of health and faith in the life of a woman, what serving with a purpose looks like and how to ensure you are being kind to yourself, particularly in times of difficulty.

Serving With Purpose Webinar

We held another webinar called “Serving with a Purpose” which discussed how community members can serve with purpose regarding gender-based violence. We discussed the practical steps that can and need to be taken to arrest this problem and help community members deal with the underlying problems associated.

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