COVID-19: MWA and Linking Hearts Service Update

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The MWA acknowledges the difficult and exceptional circumstances that the community finds itself in during this health crisis and in particular our clients who are some of the most vulnerable in the community.  We are committed to ensuring that those who need support the most during this time of difficulty will continue to be supported.

We also acknowledge that as the Coronavirus situation continues to evolve and progress, how we serve our clients, and protect their health and well-being and that of our own staff, will also need to evolve and change.  We are continuing to access health authority updates and information on a daily, or more often as required, basis to ensure that our service delivery is responding to the rapidly changing conditions.

In light of the above, and current Government and Health Authority regulations and recommendations, we advise that the following measures are being introduced with immediate effect:

  • Our core services of supporting those families at risk of homelessness, victims of domestic and family violence, and newly arrived migrants will continue.  If you need assistance please call 02 9786 4404
  • Wherever possible we will limit our face-to-face interactions to minimise the risk of spreading the virus.
  • Our staff will use all forms of technology and communication apps to ensure that we can communicate with clients and be able to access their information and documents.
  • For face-to-face interactions we have established private & confidential open spaces on our premises to minimise contact in enclosed environments which would increase the risk of spreading the virus.
  • Our staff are required to wash their hands before and after every face-to-face client interaction and clients are asked to do the same.
  • Non-essential group activities such as WOW, MIM etc will be cancelled immediately.  
  • We will be moving many of these programs, that support the health and well-being of women generally, online.
  • We have introduced a new cleaning & sanitisation program for our offices
  • We continue to review our service delivery processes to minimise the number of people who will be present at any one time in our premises

The MWA has been at the forefront of serving the most vulnerable people in our community for nearly 40 years and we are committed to continuing to do so during this current health crisis. We are mindful that there will be impacts on people due to the new regulations being introduced which may effect them financially, emotionally and spiritually.

We urge people who find themselves in any type of difficulty to reach out to us at 02 9750 6916 or and we will do all that we can to help and support you.  Our need to stay connected as individuals, families and a community has never been more important and we are, and will continue to be, ready to stand with you during the difficult times ahead.

Hajeh Maha Krayem Abdo OAM
17th March 2020

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