COVID-19 Information and Resources

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NSW Health website:

Department of Health:

NSW Department of Education advice:

Social script –
Coronavirus- Covid-19
Children with ID and/or ASD Primary school LinkSouth Australia TBC
Social story-
My Story About Pandemics and the Coronavirus
Children including special needs Link Carol Gray
Booklet –
My name is coronavirus
ChildrenLinkManuela Molina
Various E-books –
[Not corona specific but for various natural disasters including flu]
Children with and without ASDLinkLittle Puddin-
The Autism Educator
Booklet/Social script on COVID-19 with cartoonsOlder children/TeensLinkVictoria TBC
Info sheet/ Newsletter-
How to cope with the stress related to novel COVID-19
Young peopleLinkHeadspace
Website/article –
How to cope with Stress related to COVID-19
Young peopleLinkHeadspace
Website article-
10 ways to take care of yourself during coronavirus
Young people LinkReach Out
Information Sheet –
Tips for coping with coronavirus anxiety
Adults & parents of children LinkAustralian Psychological Society
Website article –
How to talk to your children about coronavirus
Parents of childrenLinkUNICEF
Easy Read Information Booklet-
Staying safe from Coronavirus
People with intellectual disabilityLinkCouncil for Intellectual Disability

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