My Family’s Devastation – A Sydney Muslim Woman’s Heartbreaking Plea

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We highlight a Sydney family’s devastating struggle with COVID-19 as an example of the impact COVID-19 is having on Muslim families in Sydney right here, right now.

We have redacted the sister and family’s identity for privacy purposes. MWA is in contact with – and helping support – the family in question. We ask Allah to make it easy for them, and for our community.

Hajjeh Maha Abdo’s message to our community in relation to this heartbreaking story: 

It has been a very tough last few weeks, having to deal with all the hardships everyone is experiencing during this lockdown.

Unfortunately, while trying to support each other and encourage one another to get tested and remain safe by getting vaccinated, we are having to respond to those who still think this is all a conspiracy.  

I share this story with the community in the interests of showing just how real this struggle is and how real the impact of it on people is.

I sincerely call on you all to read the below experience from a dear sister who’s going through the heartache of not only having to isolate, but having to live away from her beautiful children (for their own health and well-being) as well as having to support the rest of the family members.

I know this beautiful family and sincerely appreciate their courage in putting it out there.

Please read with an open heart and remember the whole family in your prayers. Please share if you care.

Share with intention of sincere hope for your loved ones by understanding and reacting with love and care to do your bit to get tested if not well. If you can, please also get vaccinated.

My family devastated | Our sister’s message to the community

COVID-19 has affected my whole family and I want everyone to know our suffering.

Whatever your thoughts on the situation, take heed of my advice and put your loved ones first and stay home!

My 38-year-old cousin got it first but the symptoms started so mildly that she was unaware until she went into hospital a few days later in respiratory distress. She is currently still in hospital 14 days later.

Her whole family tested positive and her 17-year-old daughter ended up in the ICU.

Her 36-year-old sister then tested positive and so did her husband and 4 young children with, the sister ending up in hospital while her 4 children and very sick husband fended for themselves whilst sick!

My aunty got it and has been bed-ridden for 3 weeks and is isolating in her bedroom to keep her grandchildren safe.

My other cousin and his wife and 3 kids also caught it and my cousin is also now bedridden.

I went for a walk with my children and the 36-year-old infectious cousin and her children (unknown at the time they were positive) which was allowed as it was exercise and deemed ok.

We isolated for 14 days with regular tests and all came back negative until day 12 where my daughter tested positive and then I then tested positive only on day 14!

My 3-year-old son has severe asthma and my 5-year-old has a chronic lung condition and only had surgery 7 months ago to remove 2 lobes of his right lung.

When we became COVID-19 positive, my son’s specialist team went into a frenzy as my boy is so high risk that a common cold can place him in hospital.

I got a call last night from his team begging me to send my boys to hospital. The hardest thing was parting with my boys but it’s to keep them safe.

I don’t know how long I will have to be away from them, I don’t know what will happen to them if they get sick, I can’t hold them, hug them, kiss them or protect them because I’m a risk to them.

No one wants to feel my heartache, I’m walking around an empty shell constantly crying and constantly stressed and anxious.

No loss of work, social outings or money will replace the loss of a loved ones. I know it’s hard not being able to pay your bills etc, but I will give it all up in an instant if I was guaranteed protection against this virus.

You all have the guarantee if you stay home and do the right thing. Think of my baby boys in hospital without their mum to comfort before you step out your front door and do your rounds.


May Allah (SWT) grant us all health, patience and love during these hard times.

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