Commemortaing, Not Celebrating: Eid & Easter at MWA 2024

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Commemorating, Not Celebrating: Eid & Easter at MWA 2024

On Wednesday the 17th of April 2024, MWA hosted an event for Linking Hearts crisis and transitional clients to commemorate the religious celebrations of Eid and Easter and bring together our clients across different cultures and religions.

The theme of the event was ‘Commemorating, Not Celebrating’ Eid & Easter 2024 at MWA, and focused on developing our communal relationships and connections.

The women and children were warmly welcomed to the event reflected on the importance of being together during this time as “when one part of the body (community) is hurting, so does the rest of the body (community)”, especially given the recent tragic incidents at Bondi and Fairfield.

All staff played a vital role in the success of the event and ensuring their clients felt comfortable, welcome and had an enjoyable time. MWA organised a fresh pizza buffet by Certified Pizza, a coffee cart by Nomadic Coffee, as well as slime and henna activities facilitated by MYAC (MWA Youth Advisory Committee).

There was something for everyone – the children had a really enjoyable time making slime, and the mothers and children were excited to get henna done in between their coffee and pizza breaks. 

With the intentions of improving the wellbeing of our clients and to make this time feel a bit more special, MWA arranged gift bags for the children with toys, snacks and chocolate, in which the children were absolutely ecstatic about.

In addition, fresh meat packages were purchased and gifted to all mothers in attendance to ease their financial burdens and offer a boost of support. MWA also used this time to collect general feedback from the mothers and children, reflecting on their current state of wellbeing and sense of safety.  The discussion and reflections shared are applied to improve our service delivery.

As staff debriefed after the event, a common observation was noted, which was the visible connections and relationships between our clients. Genuine relationships have been developed and it was evident that clients were happy to see and connect with one another at this event.

MWA Linking Hearts being a holistic service provider, strives to support women to achieve their full potential and enrich their lives through inner peace and prosperity, and build a unified and harmonious community of women.

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