Ukhti, Please! Chapter 2: Dealing with Divorce


Join us for Chapter 2 of Ukhti, Please!… where we will discuss the topics surrounding dating, marriage and divorce through an Islamic lens in a safe and supportive environment. 


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Continuing from the last session, ‘The Reality of Marriage’, this month we will explore the experiences and stigmas associated with Divorce. Reflecting on this topic within an Islamic perspective, we will dig deep into the contributing factors of divorce and reflect on the lived experiences of women. Join us for session 5 of Ukhti, Pleaas! where we will discuss “Untying the Knot” in a safe and supportive environment.

Day: Friday 26th May
Time: 6:30PM – 8PM
Cost: $10 per session 
Who: 18 to 30 years
Where: 47 Wangee Road, Lakemba (MWA Head Office)  

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Dating and the Social Stigmas of Being Single  , The Reality of Marriage, Untying the Knot , 2 Sessions