MYAC: MWA Youth Advisory Committee

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The MWA Youth Advisory Committee was excited to come together for their first in person meeting on Friday 3rd December 2021 at MWA Felicity House, to reflect on the achievements, struggles and challenges of 2021. 

The concepts of gratitude and connection are essential to MYAC, and the young women took this opportunity to act on this by packing and preparing Youth Care Gift Packs for disadvantaged children and young people heading into the Summer Holidays.  


Empowering young women is at the core of MWA’s work and is one of the many passions of our organisation. Empowerment is encouraged through our community-based programs by creating opportunities for active engagement and participation. One of our main youth programs is our Saturday Afternoon Youth Intensive (SAYIT) program, which runs fortnightly during school terms.  

The program is aimed at girls aged 7-17 years, providing mentoring and leadership development outcomes and not just through recreational activities but also stimulating meaningful conversations. Important concepts are explored such as identity, empowerment, and a sense of belonging and we want to continue having these discussions, building onto their current skillset in a socially and spiritually nurtured environment, thinking of nurturing their progression from a junior to a senior and then hopefully using these strengths as a leader and community volunteer.  

Lockdown and MYAC 

Amongst the chaos of COVID-19 and lockdown, young people were experiencing many challenges in adjusting to their new ‘temporary’ way of life. From online schooling to assisting relatives with digital literacy and analysing ‘Government-COVID’ literature, our young people struggled but managed to persevere through the thick of it all.   

To encourage the idea of mentorship and continual support for young people, by young people, the creation of the Youth Advisory Committee was a big step forward. Simply put, MYAC creates an environment where young women can speak up, express their concerns and experiences and be a part of the betterment process.  

As members of MYAC, we are collectively working on identifying issues that we can then address for the betterment of the community, while simultaneously working on our own individual, self-development journey.  

We want to make sure that we’re not just equipping young people with the knowledge and skills to be active in their own circle, but also externally within their community, supporting community growth and strengthening community ties in an authentic way.   

Purpose and Objectives 

The purpose of MYAC is to provide ongoing advice, recommendations and knowledge on external issues to Muslim Women Australia and assist the organisation in problem solving and exploring new opportunities.  More specifically, this committee aims to shed light on the voices of CALD young people by presenting their views on current issues faced by the community, followed by relevant recommendations.   

 In voicing the ideas, thoughts and concerns of CALD young people, MYAC aims to:  

  • Facilitate proper engagement and communication with young people  
  • Encourage meaningful discussions and participation  
  • Identify communal issues and how they may be addressed   
  • Provide the means for advocacy on behalf young people   
  • Develop and implement initiatives   

Ultimately, the establishment of MYAC aims to enrich humanity through ongoing authentic leadership, implementing and sharing the message of MWA, that certainly, together we are better. 

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