Hope in Action: Launch of MWA Youth Advisory Committee (MYAC) 

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As part of MWA’s continued efforts to support women of all ages and stages, and collaborate, with sincerity, for the betterment of those in the community, MWA held a special event on the evening of Monday 28th March 2022 at MWA Lakemba: Hope in Action

As part of the evening, we saw Hope in Action come to life. We were joined by Minister Natalie Ward, Minister for Metropolitan Roads, and Minister for Women’s Safety and the Prevention of Domestic and Sexual Violence,  who officially launched MYAC, the MWA Youth Advisory Committee, a group of capable, strong individuals and the future leaders of our community, enriching humanity through ongoing authentic leadership, and implementing and sharing the message of MWA, that certainly, together we are better.    

After a recitation of Quran by two members of MYAC, the event began with a moving Welcome to Country by Aunty Barb Keeley, who shared some of her personal story and reflections, growing up as a young Aboriginal woman in La Perouse, and the importance of understanding the differences that can actually bring us together, and the power that comes with letting young people lead.   

Lilianna Ghamraoui, President of MWA, reflected on what Hope in Action looks like, the meaning of leadership, intergenerational connectedness, and the value of authentic mentoring.  She acknowledged the recent achievements of MWA at the 2022 Premier’s Multicultural Community Medals, as Khadijah Habbouche, an active member of MYAC was awarded the Premier’s Youth Medal Winner and the late Hajjah Aziza El Saddik, one of the founding members of MWA, was inducted into the Premier’s Multicultural Honour Roll.  

“As confident, supported, and connected young women, we understand that we have a voice, and how to use it. MYAC serves to further amplify our platform, and ensure we continue the legacy of MWA”,

remarked Khadijah Habbouche, the 2022 Premier’s Youth Medal Winner, as she spoke about the aims of MYAC, what they have achieved so far, and what they hope to achieve in the near future. 

A message of support from Minister for Multiculturalism, Mark Coure, was shared where he expressed,

“With this great legacy, wisdom, and tremendous effort of the MWA, the baton of leadership is passed from one generation to the next.” 

Nemat Kharboutli, Acting CEO of MWA, shared her experiences, from a personal and professional perspective, on mentoring and intergenerational connectedness at MWA, and her message of hope for the MYAC members. She reflected on the way in which of how gratitude and compassion, combined with connection and innovative mentoring strategies, lead to sustainable growth and self development.  

The evening culminated in the official launch of MYAC by Minister Natalie Ward, who congratulated the young women on their achievements so far and praised MWA for its important and tireless efforts for almost 40 years. 

Finally, Hajeh Maha Abdo, CEO of MWA, concluded the event reinforcing the message that, for MWA, empowering young women has always been one of our biggest passions as an organisation. Throughout all programs and initiatives, we focus on building safe spaces where young women can freely express themselves and make the changes they want to see in their communities. 

Ultimately, the establishment of MYAC aims to enrich humanity through ongoing authentic leadership, implementing and sharing the legacy of MWA. 

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