Demand action at the Women’s Safety Summit

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Imagine a future where we are all supported and provided opportunities to flourish; where we have transformed attitudes and addressed structural inequalities to reduce violence; where the wellbeing of people affected by domestic, sexual and family violence is valued; and where specialist services are valued and supported to build this future.

As governments prepare to finalise the National Plan that will set our country’s direction and framework for the next 12 years, key organisations across the country have come together to jointly call for 12 actions as the starting point for government commitments. And they need our support.

Already 250 organisations and more than 5,000 individuals have backed this call for transformative change. Can you join call for action now?

To Women’s Safety Ministers,

I support the joint call for governments to:

  1. Build stronger foundations in our community to prevent violence before it starts. 
  2. Prioritise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community led initiatives.  
  3. Increase capacity across our communities to recognise and respond to early signs of abuse. 
  4. Increase and extend investment in specialist support services. 
  5. Increase and expand the focus on sexual violence.
  6. Shift the burden to the person who uses violence. 
  7. Recognise children and young people as victims in their own right. 
  8. Expand research to build evidence-based services. 
  9. Reform the Family Law system.
  10. Tailor initiatives and responses to community needs. 
  11. Expand victim-survivor choice and control through expanded pathways for support and accountability beyond police and criminal courts. 
  12. Invest in programmes with long-term funding, to give them enough time to work.

I urge you to commit to these as priority areas for action, and as foundational to the next National Plan.

Note: The names of signatories may be made public.
Fair Agenda will send signatories email updates about this campaign and other important opportunities to take action for a safe and equal future.

Read about the 12 calls for action

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