Lockdown Survival Tips from MWA Youth Advisory Committee

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Lockdown has been a challenging time for all, in particular, the youth have been under enormous pressure to maintain a sense of normality along with the stresses of online schooling.

Unusual times often call for changes in routine and behaviour so that we may lessen the effects of lifestyle changes, in this case, the effects of lockdown.

In response to this, members of MWA’s Youth Advisory Committee (MYAC), that is made up of girls who have been through the SAYIT program, put their minds together to shed light on the different ways one may overcome and minimise the impact of lockdown, focusing on mental, physical, social and spiritual wellbeing.  

MYAC’s Top Lockdown Survival Tips:

  • Be active
  • Practise selfcare
  • Stay connected
  • Go for daily walks
  • Establish a routine
  • Immerse yourself in nature
  • Get some sun
  • Try a new hobby
  • Partake in family activities
  • Have alone time
  • Bake some goodies
  • Don’t stress
  • Listen to a lecture
  • Do adthkar
  • Play with your pet
  • Get out of your pyjamas
  • Read Quran
  • Send a gift

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