United Muslim Women Association

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Minister Victor Dominello on Weekend Today (video)
An interview on the issues of multiculturalism, violence against women, and attitudes to violence in Australia



The upside of fasting
An article by Mehal Krayem in which she shares a different perspective on the challenge of not eating from sun up to sun down

Sharia operates within the legal system, research shows
Dr Ghena Krayem, President of MWA, discusses Shariah in Australia

Sunrise Interview with Rev Fred Nile
Watch the manager of MWA discuss the issue of hijab with Rev Fred Nile on Channel 7's Sunrise

Freedom of religion, belief, and gender: a muslim perspective
Supplementary paper for the Australian Human Rights Commission by Dr. Ghena Krayem

Young Australian Muslim women finding a voice
Dr Christina Ho says a generation of young Australian Muslim women is growing up with a strong sense of identity

The civil and social participation of Muslim women in Australian community life
A report by Dr Helen Mc Cue funded by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship identifies the drivers and barriers to Muslim Australian women's participation in Australian civil and social life


Premier's Speech at Voices in Peace Launch at Parliament House
Listen to the former Premier of NSW's address at the Voices in Peace Launch in 2010

SBS Report on Voices in Peace
Listen to the SBS report on the Voices in Peace initiative